How getting FIRED from a client, lead to my GREATEST discovery 

Back in early 2018, under my professional brand, I held the titles of swim instructor, wedding coordinator, social media manager, talk show host & video producer. I tried to balance all of these jobs while also trying to launch my Brand Management Boutique Firm: Island Dreams Management. I had the same mindset as most people in business in Freeport, Grand Bahama. “Well, you know our economy slow, so you got to do what you go to do to make some money around here.” So for months, I juggled them all. A Jane of all trades and a master of none. I kept this mentality up, until one day, one of the balls dropped. 

I was supposed to arrange an entire weekend of tastings for a Bride out of Florida. She emailed at least two months before asking me to schedule the tastings. Halfway through reading the email, I thought to myself, “two months away,” I have plenty of time. I made a mental note that I would do it later. The Wednesday before her Friday boat arrived, she asked me to send the itinerary for all of our tastings. “Jesus, take the wheel. I did not make one booking.” 

I scrambled to call all my contacts, surely at least 2 or 3 of them could put together a tasting for me in 3 days. Nope, not one catering company could assist me with this tasting. I called my client and admitted the oversight. I apologized profusely, she accepted my apology, she hadn’t bought her ticket yet, so she decided to postpone her trip. Whew, crisis averted, I began looking into new possible dates, but as fate would have it, she slept on my oversight and felt it was too much of a mistake to forgive. She emailed me, expressing her disappointment and released me from my contract. I was so disappointed in myself. I had never been fired from a job or a client in my entire life. After the shame and hurt wore off, I learned a valuable lesson, I was doing TOO much!

Wedding Ruined

 I needed to take some time to gain CLARITY on WHY I felt led to become an entrepreneur, WHAT I wanted to do, and HOW I was going to do it! So after a lot of soul searching, hours of business courses, and advice from coaches, I was able to curate my why. 



1. WHAT IS YOUR WHY?: I am Kerel Pinder, and our team gets excited about helping brands find their unique voice, helping them to curate or revamp an innovative product or service that stands out from the rest of the market. We also help our clients gain a higher level of clarity, community, and connection with the people they serve. 


2. WHAT DO YOU DO?: At Island Dreams Management, we provide Training and Development modules for entrepreneurs with a critical focus on Branding and Marketing strategies. We also offer training in the areas of Team Building and Customer Service.


3. HOW DO YOU DO IT? We currently offer these services through individual masterminds, corporate training, workshops, and soon online courses! 

So why do you do what you do? What do you do and How do you do it? Take a minute to answer these questions for yourself. If you are feeling overwhelmed about a current or future project or your company’s vision, don’t be, gaining clarity and growth about your company is a learning process, and it won’t happen overnight. This was a great lesson in clarity for me, share in the comments below a great lesson you learned in business or in your career over the years. If you want more insight and a step by step blueprint on this process, be sure to connect with us HERE we would love to jump on a call with you! 

Until next time! 

Keep Dreaming! 

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Kerel Pinder

Kerel Pinder is an energetic Creative who’s mission in life is to inspire others to become the most authentic version of themselves. A woman who is rarely afraid to take a leap of faith, she runs to the beat of her own drum. She credits all of her success to her trust in the Almighty Creator and through Him defines the meaning of Girl Boss! A travel enthusiast and personal development advocate, Kerel is definitely a woman who’s determined to change in the world. Over the years she has established a strong personal brand that has led her to become an author, international and TEDx Talk speaker and an award-winning playwright.

Equipped with a Bachelors’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Education and a second Master’s degree in Communication and Leadership; Kerel uses her educational and experiential knowledge to help clients tell their story. Kerel is also an active member of her local community as a member of the Freeport Players Guild, Youth Leader and the current local President of Pi Upsilon Omega Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.

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