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Spend a day with us as we draft and coach you through delivering your 60-second Brand Story!
With our background in psychology, screenwriting, and business strategies, we are ready to craft the perfect story to introduce your brand to the world.  We will work with a top team of videographers, photographers, fashion designers, and makeup artists to give your brand the inward and outward makeover you have been waiting for.
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Youtube Series Content Producer

This is for the six-figure entrepreneur or corporation that understands that investing in educating their clients helps to win new clients and increases loyalty. They understand the research that shows that consumers are 131% more likely to buy from a brand after engaging in early-stage; educational content.

This is for the client that wants to decrease the headaches experienced by their sales teams by getting ahead of the curve by creating longer content that educates, inspires, or entertains their audience. Turning them into loyal fans, long before the Sales Pitch!

This is for clients looking to develop a Podcast, Talk Shows, Unscripted Competitions, “How to” or “Walk through” Courses, Charitable Campaigns, or a Creative Scripted Courses.

Island Dreams Production

Let us produce your next Commercial, Documentary or Training Video

Our Story

Island Dreams Management is a boutique brand management company in the Bahamas established in 2018. The creator of this training company realized whether you live on a small island or in a big city, a lot of small businesses are struggling every day to survive in saturated markets. The team at Island Dreams Management gets excited every day to inspire entrepreneurs to become the most authentic version of themselves. It’s time to tell your story.

We help a small business stand out by empowering them to create a unique brand for their companies. Competing on price alone can become extremely frustrating. While a lot of growing entrepreneurs feel that access to capital will solve all of their problems, we’ve observed over the years that the knowledge of how to maximize funding or the lack thereof is the real secret sauce!

We curate premium quality modules, strategies, checklists & systems to help our clients succeed. We partner with entrepreneurs, organizations, and corporate companies seeking to invest in Training and Development through Corporate Training, Mini-Courses, Workshops, and Individual or Small Group Masterminds.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire growth-minded entrepreneurs to build a brand, not just a business.

Our Vision

To equip entrepreneurs from small islands and small towns with the strategies and resources to position themselves uniquely in a global market. We want to create an environment that allows every client to gain Clarity, Community, and Connection within their growing brands.

Our Values

About the founder

Founder / Managing Director

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are usually the ones who do."

Kerel Pinder is an energetic Creative Professional whose mission in life is to inspire others to become the most authentic version of themselves. A woman who is rarely afraid to take a leap of faith runs to the beat of her own drum. She credits all of her success to her trust in God! A travel enthusiast and personal development advocate, Kerel is definitely a woman who’s determined to change the world. Over the years she has established a strong personal brand that has led her to become an author in 2016 and a TEDx Talk speaker in 2017. In 2018 she became an international speaker and a Bahamian Icon Award-winning playwright.

Equipped with a Bachelors’s degree in Psychology from Acadia University, a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and a second Master’s degree in Communication and Leadership from Park University; Kerel uses her educational and experiential knowledge to help clients tell their story. Kerel is also an active member of her local community as a member of the Freeport Players Guild.

Kerel currently serves as the Lead Brand Strategist & Content Producer of her company Island Dreams Management/ Island Dreams Productions based in the Bahamas and The Chairman of The Bahamas Tourism Development Corporations Creative Council.

Fun Fact: Kerel has traveled to 5 out of the 7 continents around the world.

Training and Development

At the end of 2017, Kerel’s strong impact in the community was noticed by the Office of the Prime Minister of the Bahamas. This led to Kerel being contracted to provide training sessions on Branding and Marketing to new and existing entrepreneurs. During this course, Kerel discovered that the tools she used over the last few years to build a successful personal brand, were strategies and systems that most entrepreneurs were neglecting to implement into their struggling businesses.

Kerel quickly noticed that there was an opening in the market for Brand management firms that focused solely on Training and Development. Kerel decided to create Island Dreams Management, a boutique brand management firm that empowers entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in their growth by utilizing modern and innovative strategies, tools and systems to grow their businesses.

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If you prefer to begin with a one on one session, let’s sit together so we can curate an entire Social Media or Series campaign for you! If you want to continue to work with us, This payment will be applied to your VIP DAY or Youtube Series! 

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What clients are saying 🙌

"Kerel was extremely professional and her execution was spot on! She executed everything discussed in pre-event meetings and more. Kerel is very knowledgeable in her field of work and knows exactly how to engage her crowd. Her energy was positive from beginning to end and our entire team enjoyed her presentations. I would recommend Kerel for any event or training program."
Dominique Smith
Reservations & Revenue Manager, pelican bay hotel
"The presentation was interactive and current. The information met its targeted audience expectation."
Danita Nixon
Financial controller, Freeport Ship Services
"When working with Island Dreams Management, we gave Kerel a topic and she was able to fully execute in a relatable, yet entertaining way. She was able to make all of her points clear while keeping within the allotted time given. The audience enjoyed and our clients were more than pleased with our choice to go with Island Dreams Management."
Davina Rutherford
proprietor, Minding Your Business
"This session MIA was very much needed. I believe it brought the team a bit closer. We learned something new about each other. I wish we could do this more often."
Team Member
financial department, Freeport Ship Services
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Youtube Series Content Producer

  • 5 Episode Series 
  • Research for Brand & Industry Deep Dive 
  • 3- 4 Comp Inspiration Ideas 
  • 5 Episode Content Creation (Treatment, Script, Location, Talent, & Flow) 
  • 2 – 2 Hour Pre- Planning Strategy Sessions 
  • 1- 2 Days of Shooting (5) 10- 25 minute Episodes 
  • Behind The Scenes Social Media Videos & Photo Library 
  • Post Production – Editing and (5) 30 – 60 Sec Trailers 
  • Data Analytical Report – After 30 Days of Content Drop 
  • Youtube Page Setup 
  • Episodic Captions

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