Why your Social Media Ad’s Fail

As a business owner, you are constantly investing time and money into social media Ads. However, what do you do when those social media ads fail to get any paid response. Do you blame the algorithm or count your losses? Or do you face the truth that you had no data to confirm if this advertisement was a good investment or not?

Marketing without a strategy is like shooting darts in the dark! If you have no idea who you’re talking to, what problem they need you to solve or how to capture their attention, you’re wasting your money. Marketing is more than putting up a graphic on Social Media and sponsoring a post. It involves STRATEGY. Here are four quick points I want you to think about the next time you seek to book an AD.

Choose a target audience to market your brand to

When creating a social media ad it should be clear who you are talking to. Is your product or service geared towards women or men, is it young adults, teenagers, or baby boomers? Are they working class, apart of the corporate world or are they entrepreneurs? Having this kind of data on your ideal client is key when creating advertisements.

Speak to your customer’s pain point

What is frustrating your customer? Are they too busy to pick up dinner and you want them to know that you now deliver? Is your customer frustrated with the number of stores that only take cash, so you want them to know about your online payment options? Are they a young adult looking for classy and creative things to do in your city and you want them to know about your sip and paint nights? Great brands are in business to solve a problem, communicate to your customer how you will solve their problem in your social media ads caption.

Curate graphics or photos that are visually appealing or eye-catching to your Target Audience

Canva is a great tool but everyone isn’t a Canva genius. At some point, you will need to invest in professional photos and professional graphics. The quality of your image and graphics subconsciously tells your customer how much you think your company is worth. Customers want to invest in brands, who have invested in themselves. Unknowingly your customer is judging your choice of font, colors, layout, and information provided when deciding whether to click: learn more. The goal is for your customer to click it. So make sure there is a strategy behind each photo and graphic you create and post.

Set your AD specifically towards your Target Audience

Pay attention to the detailed layout provided by Facebook when it asks how to set up your audience. Choose an age range of around 20 years, (for example 35 to 55). Choose a location and watch the barometer on the bottom to ensure you are not too specific. You want to also ensure that your audience is not too broad.  Never just click boost post, you should have a good understanding of who you want your post to go to and how you would like them to respond to you.


Social media ads are a learning curve but you can definitely get amazing results. The key is to simply target your audience correctly.

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Kerel Pinder

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