A lot of business owners think that Social Media is a FREE marketing tool. Therefore they believe that they don’t need a marketing budget. This belief system is a BIG misconception!  Yes, technically, you can set up a social media page for free. However, your marketing won’t be useful if you don’t pump funding behind it.

So today, we want to share with you five costs associated with an effective Social Media Business page.

Professional photos, graphics, or videos :

Your page is a reflection of what you will provide with your services or products. If every photo, video, and graphic on your page has low quality, bad lighting, and an unprofessional look, that’s exactly what people will assume about your services and products. It’s hard to ask consumers to invest in you when there is no evidence that you have truly invested in yourself. Invest in professional photographers, graphic artists, and media companies to help you produce a professional brand.


Consumers gain a higher level of trust when someone who doesn’t work for the company provides a recommendation or endorsement. So to achieve a higher level of trust and a broader reach, a lot of businesses hire social media influencers. Social Media influencers use their creativity and personal leverage with their tribe to help promote your brand. Paying to bring SM influencers on board, is an investment that can give your business a significant boost.


Boosting posts:

Social media requires you to pay to play. If you have a business page and you don’t currently sponsor ADs, you probably have a low amount of engagement under each post. The reason you are not gaining as much leverage as you do with your personal page is that the algorithm is set up for you to pay to play. On average, your post won’t go to the feed of your family and friends automatically. An increase in engagement usually only happens when you sponsor a post. There are also so many distractions on social media newsfeeds. Boosted advertisements are sometimes the only thing that helps consumers to remember your brand.

Social Media Campaigns:

Any social media initiative that involves models, actors, makeup artists, hairstylists, or production will require adequate funding. Whether you are producing new marketing photos or a new commercial, there is a lot of hidden costs that go into creating this material.

Brand Strategist:

A lot of business owners may know how to post, but we all don’t know what exactly to post. How do we know which posts are going to get consumers to spend money with us? This kind of strategy can be developed with a Brand Management firm. Brand Managers help you discover the best marketing blueprint for your company. These firms also help you to implement methods that are intentional and consistent. Some Brand Managers are also Social Media Managers and will take over your entire page.

Hiring a firm will save you time to focus on building your business while avoiding costly PR mistakes. However, whether you decide to use a Brand Strategist, Social Media Manager, or tackle it all on your own, please know that when crafting your marketing budget. This line item will require a budgeted number, because contrary to popular belief, social media is NOT free!

If you are interested in learning which one of these methods may be the best method for your company, click here to: BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION WITH US. Let our team at Island Dreams Management help you maximize your marketing budget and goals!

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